Educational certificate attestation in the UAE

Educational certificate attestation in the UAE

Living and working in the United Arab Emirates both require document attestation. If you intend to conduct business here, apply for a visa, open a bank account, or engage in any other formal transaction, you almost certainly need document attestation services at some point.

Attestation, usually referred to as certification, authentication, or legalization, is the procedure used to validate foreign papers for usage in the United Arab Emirates.

This could be any of a variety of formal documents, including contracts, statements of work, invoices, birth, marriage, and death certificates, as well as commercial paperwork like these. But today, we’re going to concentrate on educational credentials like degrees and diplomas.

Attestation of Educational Documents in the UAE

Verification and legalisation are part of the UAE’s educational certificate attestation process. To authorise the use of the document, you must have it attested by all relevant agencies. However, follow the steps outlined below if you want your UAE educational certificate attested:

The UAE Ministry of Education must first vouch for the educational credential.

The MOFAIC then attests to the paper in the final section.

How can I get my Dubai education credential attested?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), also known as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, performs document attestation (MOFAIC).

Individuals rarely collaborate directly with the Ministry, though. Use the services of a document attestation agent like BIZ instead. In order to ensure that your documents are in order and are returned to you prepared for legal usage in the UAE, we closely coordinate with MOFAIC.

We can help with the attestation of the following documents in addition to education certificate attestation  like degrees and diplomas:

with the following documentation:

  • Birth certificates
  • marriage licences
  • divorce documents
  • Health Reports
  • Employment Agreements
  • Contracts and Trade Agreements Passport Copies
  • Commercial Permits

The procedure for attesting education certificates in the UAE

The process of attestation of certificates in the UAE can be fairly simple if you deal with a professional.

The procedure typically involves the same five phases, regardless of the document that needs attesting. Which are:

  • Application

Complete the necessary fields, including a copy of the document that needs attesting, choose the portion of the document that needs attestation, and then submit.

  • Application evaluation

The Ministry will consider your application after BIZ has reviewed it. You will receive a notification of approval along with information on how to pay after it has been attested by the relevant authorities.

  • Payment of Fees Following receipt of approval, pay any necessary fees.
  • receipt of paperwork

You will receive your newly attested documents, ready for use in the UAE, after completing the payment process.

UAE Academic Certificate Attestation Service

People who want to work overseas frequently choose the United Arab Emirates. Many people from the UK are relocating to Dubai and other cities in the UAE in search of temporary or long-term employment. Due to their experience and recognised credentials, many organisations are actively seeking to hire personnel who have received their education in the UK.

You will probably be required to get your credentials officially legalised or attested by the UAE embassy if you are given employment in the UAE. Our UAE attestation service guarantees that your documents will be properly apostille-issued and embassy-stamped. You can have peace of mind knowing that your documents will be approved when you give them to your employer or the organisation handling your claim thanks to our all-inclusive service.

Attestation of Educational Documents in the UAE

In order to complete the admissions process at the new school, you are transferring your local school to an international one. To do this, you must apply for a school transfer certificate. Once obtained, this certificate needs to be authenticated by an experienced UAE educational document attestation service.

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